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Zombie Tag
Game Description

Zombie Tag is a game of tag/hide and seeks where one player starts as a zombie and needs to tag every other player and turn them into a zombie.

Platform: Roblox
Responsibilities: Level Design

Company: The Gang Sweden

First task

The first task I had when starting at The Gang was to create a level for Zombie tag, one of the games that have been out for a while. So I went for an underwater theme with sunken treasure chests, lots of kelp and the like.

But I had to keep in mind that I needed a lot of hiding places and a lot of verticality on the map. I also had to make places where normal players could weave around to be able to outrun their pursuers.

The map in itself was very simple, but I think that worked well for the target audience, as the Roblox community tends to like simplicity rather than overcomplicated levels and mechanics

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