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Tower Tycoon
Game Description

Tower Tycoon is a game where the players build their own using different kinds of pre-prepared floors. Building floors gives the player an income to build their tower even higher. By reaching the highest floor the player can choose to restart their tower, earning them rewards

Platform: Roblox
Responsibilities: Economy Design & Gameplay Design
Company: The Gang Sweden

Core Pillars
  • Building Progression

  • Income and cost Scaleability

  1. Try to make every feature endlessly scalable.

  2. Excitement about building and exploring new content (what comes next?)

  3. Easy setup for art and design, minimize code resources

Making it scalable 

Making the game endlessly scalable was very tricky. As the player had the choice of what floor to build we needed to make sure that the game scaled cost and incomes by itself after every floor. So we had to come up with a formula that would scale everything over time. The formula also needed to be made so that the time it would take to gather enough money to build another section would increase after every floor.

So when coming up with the formula I looked at incremental games, as the science behind them matched what I was looking for. However, making a similar formula was not the easiest task. 


The formula basically makes sure that cost will always increase more than income but giving the income a bump every 5th floor so that the cost does not scale too much out of proportion. 

Manual scaling

Along with the scaling formula, I also did a manual scaling for every floor. Since you had to unlock the previous button to get the next one. So I choose a number that would fit if it was the first floor and I scaled each purchase after the one before. After that I let the automatic scaling do the rest. I did the same for the income scaling.

This system worked relatively well, but in retrospect, it could have been done much better. Right now the bump in income scaling is barely noticeable. This is also a problem with the scaling for cost. Because what I noticed was that cost never moved away from the income and it never became hard to get to the next section as you would always have enough money. 

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