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Narrative Design Document

In this assignment we were asked to choose between 5 different briefs and create a narrative design document. After having submitted a small summery of what brief we choose and what we wanted to create. We would then get "client" feedback that we had to take into account when we wrote the document.

For the world that I created I wanted a story were the fighting did not revolve around fighting a big bad antagonist, but rather more of a humanity vs nature. And as I also have a great interest the the era of muskets, I set my world in that age, as I also could get in an interesting aspect of colonization in my story.

This assignment helped me refine some of my more rougher ways of dealing with world building and plot building. I also learned a lot on the importance of a narrative document and how to structure them, which helped me during my third Futuregames game project.

Feel free to have a read through.

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