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Unknown Fishermans Battleground
Game Description

Unknown Fisherman Battleground is a fast paced competitive local multiplayer game. You will row around in your boat, firing sword fish at your friends, trying to become the Ultimate fisherman and secure the rights to fish in the fjord.

Time period: 2 weeks

Team Size: 7 (4 Designers, 3 3D artists)

Engine: Unreal Engine

Role: Game Mechanic Designer & Main Menu Scripter

Design Requirements
  • Main Menu

  • Harpoon Cannon

Main Menu

My focus with the main menu was to make something that reflected the silliness of the game.


I also wanted a moving menu to catch the players attention and to add more life to it. (1).gif


Harpoon Cannon

One of the main problems I had with the harpoon cannon at the time, as I was fairly new to blueprints, was that you could shoot yourself and do damage to the player character. To temporarily solve this problem I locked the arc to 180° so it could never aim in on it self. 

Later when we changed it so that the projectile recognized who fired it I could re-enable the 360° turn of it, as shown in the GIF (4).gif


  • Competitive Local Multiplayer

  • Characters Consisting of multiple parts

  • Physics Driven

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