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Extreme Galactic Ball is a sports game set in the future that is focused on fast paced action with 2 teams of 2. 

The sport is a mix between American football, handball and dodge ball.

Time period: 4 weeks

Team Size: 12 (3 Designers, 3 Programmers, 2 2D artist, 4 3D artist)

Engine: Unreal Engine

Role: Game Mechanic Designer, Main Menu Scripter

  • Game Design Document

  • Main Menu Functionality

  • First level iteration

  • Game Mechanic's

Design Requirements
  • Combine two different sports

  • No UI

  • When the ball lands it creates a small field visualized by a purple bubble.

  • The bubble increases gravity, slowing down all objects and players entering its field.

  • After 7 seconds it disappears

  • Can only be spawned at gravity ball spawners
  • Explodes on impact with surface or player character

  • Makes player characters drop any ball they are holding

  • Creates a shock-wave that pushes players away from the impact zone

  • Can only spawn at explosive ball spawners

  • A boost in the direction the character is facing

  • Can be used in the air

  • Stuns tackled players for 2 seconds

  • Can be used to tackle other players and make them drop all balls they are holding (1).gif
  • Has a cooldown before it can be used again (2).gif
  • Can be used to protect from explosive balls

  • Can be used to punch other players, stunning them and making them drop their balls

First Level iteration

During this project I made the first iterations of the level. As we originally had in mind a map that would spin, I came up with several different ways the levels would be shaped.


What I had in mind when I created them was things that would utilize as much of the playing field as possible, were you could use your ability's to a great extent and structures you could take cover behind.

In the final version of the game we removed the spinning map and settled on one kind of level.


To give an outlet for my narrative design, me and one of the other designers on the team who also have a love of narrative, decided to implement an announcer that would shout out things during the game and give some interesting commentary during the game. So we set about writing voice lines

The purpose of these was to be funny but at the same time give the player a feeling of "Yeah, I did something cool"

In the end, we had to, unfortunately, cut most of these due to time constraints, but parts of these voice lines can still be heard in the game.


The  scripting I did during the project was blueprinting and setting up the main functionality for the main menu.

My goal was to make an easily navigable menu that gave good visual feedback for easy access. (3).gif
Extreme GalacticBall
Game Description
Game Mechanic's
Gravity Ball
Explosive Ball
  • Can Stun players

IMG_20200831_0005-1 (2).jpg

One of my level drawings. The only thing that remained for the final version was the center platform


Game Mechanics
First Level Iteration
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