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  • Narrative Design 

  • Scrum Master

Alter is a platform adventure game. It was developed during a 7 week period with a team of 11 people, where I handled the Narrative part of the game. During this project I also acted as Scrum master for my team. This project was developed from home during the Covid-19 outbreak

Extreme Galacticball Poster.JPG

Extreme Galacticball


  • Game Design Document

  • Main Menu Functionality

Extreme Galactic Ball is a fast paced sport game, developed over a 4 week period with a team of 12 people. During the project I worked with writing the game design document, early menu prototype and helped write the voice lines we have in the game.

Unknown Fisherman BattleGround


  • Main Menu

  • Harpoon Cannon

Unknown Fisherman Battleground is a top down competitive game, developed over a 2 week period with a team of 7 people. During the project I designed and implemented the Harpoon cannon and designed the Main Menu.

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