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DnD Character

As a person who loves narrative and imagination I have a great love for playing DnD. One character I have made that I am particularly proud of is a half elf named Xander, who I made for an ongoing Science Fiction Campaign. 

I wanted to play a character that was slightly deranged as I felt that it would lead to some interesting interactions. To this affect I gave him a slight Dissociative identity disorder. This would both give me fun interactions with Npc's but also between me and the other players, as his personality can change from day to day.

I wanted him to have a interesting reason for his madness. Therefore I made him native to one of the most religious empires in the universe, but he was prosecuted, both for being a half elf and researching into ancient myths and gods. But he escaped his capture and went out to prove the existences of the ancient gods. During his travels he came upon an old cave. In this cave he found a mark on the wall and a book with the same mark. Opening the book he unleashed an ancient god named Urias, that settled himself inside Xanders brain and spent 2 years picking apart the mans brain. This way I got an very interesting explanation for the mans madness.


This God also gives him commands, making him to whatever Urias say, without any thought on consequences. This has lead to some very interesting moments, where my party has wanted to hide from enemies, but where the God, played by the Dungeon Master, has given me orders to attack the enemies because there would be a person that the god had a great interest in.

When I made the character I took inspiration from J.R.R Tolkien's character Gollum and from the "Once upon a time" character Rumpelstiltskin.

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