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Degree project
Game Description

For my degree project, I wanted to work on narrative and scripting. So me and two of my classmates decided to make a small slice of a game, where we would all work on our chosen part. It did not become a very large prototype, but it worked and it was a fun project.

Platform: Unreal Engine 4
Responsibilities: World Building & Narrative Systems
Timeframe: 10 Weeks

Quest & Dialogue system's

When I started making the systems for dialogue and the quest system, I wanted to focus on easy player usability and making it easy to set up new quests and dialogues. 

The systems themselves were fairly basic I felt in their technical design, but they worked for what it was supposed to do. 

5m5vc9.gif (2).gif

You could skip texts, accept quests, look in your journal to see what your mission is with a little description, and the ability to choose an active quest and have it show up in the corner. 

The systems were not pretty to look at and they had their fair share of bugs, but as a concept, I think it worked pretty well.

World Building

What I was looking for when making the world was that I wanted a place where I could focus on a story of survival and making a new life for oneself. But as I developed the tribe and characters it also became a story of tradition versus progress.

When I was looking for inspiration for the characters tribe and the ancient empire, I looked a lot towards history. I based the tribe on Viking explorers and the empire was based on the roman empire at the height of its power. This way I could show how far advanced this ancient civilization had been compared to the new settlers arriving in this land.

I wanted something kind of unique for the magic system, so when thinking of what I wanted I happened to be reading the player's handbook for DnD, and I was looking at the bard class. That's was when I started thinking about music and how different tones could produce different results. This part was very challenging but was also very fun.

Down at the bottom, there is a link to the whole narrative document. Feel free to read through it

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