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Game Description

Bloxymon is a game where you battle and capture Bloxymon of different kinds. You can then evolve them into even more powerful versions.
A big part of the game is also going on quests to learn more of the world and to earn rewards 

Platform: Roblox
Responsibilities: Narrative and Quest design

Company: The Gang Sweden

Core Pillars
  • Designed and implemeted quests 

  • Wrote a storyline

  1. Collect pets

  2. Explore the world

  3. Complete quests

  • Wrote Dialogue

Quests and Dialogue

When making the quests for Bloxymon I always had to keep in mind the target audience. I could not make too complicated quests or too long dialogues as the chance of the players losing interest and shutting down the game was a risk.

But at the same time, I wanted to keep it interesting to read these small dialogues and I wanted to give my characters more of a personality in those few sentences. (1).gif

Due to technical limitations, the quests had to be very simple in their design. But for the most part, I could work around those problems. One example was when I was making the gym quests. Originally we did not have the ability to make trainer battles. But by attaching the battle script to the end of a conversation I could start up a battle with a Bloxymon of my choosing.

By doing that I was able to create a whole range of different quest battles as we also managed to connect winning the battle to complete the quest. 


When I came into the project, most of the storylines already existed. So when continuing it I had to just expand what already existed, and my first job was to tackle the 12 clans.

Originally the 12 clans were just part of the backstory and did not have much screen time in the game. But when I got the task to write a quest storyline, they were the perfect candidates to use as the main bad guys.

The reason I wanted to add a bad guy was that I feel it's often easier for a younger audience to get a grip of the story when they have an actual enemy to defeat. It gives them a clear goal on what they have to do as they all understand the goal of stopping the bad guys.

When writing down the 12 clans, I wanted them to be very comically evil and a bit over the top. So I went for the classic "Take over the world trope", both as it is easier to work with and to once again make it easier for the younger audience to understand the motives of the villians.

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