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Well met, weary traveller!

I am Erik Wahlström, Son of Uffe, Knight of the great kingdom of Futuregames!

On a more serious note, Hello there!

I am a Game Designer from the Stockholm archipelago and a former design student from FutureGames.

My greatest passion in life is to use my imagination and I love to work on things where I get to use it and I have a particular interest in world-building and often do it as a thought exercise for myself.


I also like to write short stories from time to time about the different worlds that I read and play in. My big love for narrative also extends to the wonderful world of DnD, where I recently started Dungeon mastering my own campaign.

When it comes to game development I like to see how gameplay and narrative work together to make an even greater game.

In my free time, I enjoy playing games, where I play most genres but have a particular fondness for games with a good story or where I can play with my friends. I also enjoy reading books to the extent that the Science Fiction bookshop in Gamla stan is a dangerous place for me to enter, as I tend to always leave with a slimmer wallet and at least a couple of books.

Other hobbies include, but are not limited to, being out at sea, watching movies, music (both playing and listening), learning about history, and hanging out with my friends.

Phone: 076 110 6965

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